PRESS RELEASE, London, March 2024

Police Brutality Causes International Social Activist and Influencer Duena Blomstrom Not to Attend St. Paul's Elite Business Live 2024 Keynote and Gala and TechLedCulture Ltd. to Cease Operations in the UK

On the morning of Monday March the 11th, Duena and Dave Blomstrom-Ballantyne, the co-hosts of the "People AND Tech" Podcast and prominent civil rights activists, were arrested in their own home and place of business, and thrown in a Folkestone Police cell for many hours following an extreme case of police brutality that resulted in handcuff injuries of an extreme degree, severe mental health trauma, loss of income and fractured bones. This is being investigated by all authorities locally, internationally and at the European Court of Human Rights in Strassbourg and will form the object of a public prosecution case that we hope to maintain as visible as possible for our co-founders protection.

Please note that whilst they are shaken and need to temporarily retire from their duties in the world of Technology and Digital Agile Transformation for the time being (except for pre-existent agreements), both Duena, Dave and the rest of our podcasters and colleagues remain more dedicated to defending trans rights, fathers' rights, women's rights, immigrant rights and above all, vulnerable NeuroSpicy rights of queer, qood-hearted and emotionally and intellectually elevated -possibly neurodivergent, autistic or vulnerable adults- humans who ought not to be victims of systems too poorly designed to deal with Mental Health Issues in a kind and compassionate way than ever and will keep spaking up for what is right.

Whilst People Not Tech Ltd will continue to operate from the United Kingdom and be led by David Blomstrom and other European associates, Tech Led Culture is exiting the United Kingdom business market effective the 11th of March as it is an inhospitable trading environment for autistic technology leaders and the national services are so poorly equipped to deal with anyone who is anything other than English and healthy, that this situation endangers the wellbeing of our founders and employees in our board's view.

In 2025 there will be one European and one US location chosen for the next company HQ depending on the openneess to trans and neurodivergent rights that Duena and Dave have found in their travelling documentary that they have been filming for the past year which shall be announced later this year.

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"We would like to convey to our business partners that we are really sorry for our forced hasty departure out of the country. As advised it was for Duena’s protection as, shockingly, on Monday , March 11th, she has been the victim of UK/Kent Police brutality according to our legal team in the USA. Once her injuries heal and she feels up for it, she will update all her subscribers. Meanwhile, many thanks to all for staying on the right side of this. Our teams will always remember real family and we will leave Kent a better place that loves queerness and neurodivergence and is proud of being the birthplace of a trans hero like Michael Dillon. Between the brutality and our sad experience in "Discrimination-Town" we have to ensure life is safe for our employees, children and real friends and family so we must physically relocate whilst battling the system in the UK!" says Blomstrom who adds "...the world is both opening and closing and the way the UK is going makes me sad, as we used to go the right way up and now we seem intent to break the moral fibre of our nation by siding with "J.K. Rowlands" and not vulnerable people just like it sometimes happens over here in the US as well where the same discrimination and police brutality can and do happen to neurodivergent people everyday. That said, our new foundation “Tears of Dopamine” is here to change all that. Come help us paint the world colourful and emotional so we save all our lives and become sustainable in minds and hearts not sources of energy only.” says David Blomstrom, CEO and CO-Founder of Tech Led Culture and non-exec director of People Not Tech UK

Check out TikTok for a few pics of how our week was meant to go versus how it ended up! Gutted because you can see how cool my Gala dress was meant to be, and our youngest son and adoptive trans daughter and friends were going to celebrate with us in London after my keynote as we were launching my new shoe and jewellery line and gallery in support of the "Tears of Dopamine" foundation "Tears by the Queen of W"

But no matter, we will be taking them to much bigger events in Vegas and Amsterdam to compensate next month, and will be back to “sort the UK out” later. We're fine and our incredible "n/euro-spicy queer kids" will live in a better world once all has been set right and the story has all been told, the training administered and the people become compassionate and kind again. “Where Should D Go?” - Pre-binge this upcoming documentary y'all, it contains killed kittens, modern versions of Baby Raindeer, un-fit parents, bad social workers and untrained, un-compassionate authorities in a country that claims they got it all down pat:)" says

Duena Blomstrom, Author, Social Entrepreneur, Human Rights Activist, CEO, Mother, AuADHD Queer Parent of Trans Kids, LOUD, NeuroSpicy Queen of W