Tears of Dopamine was Born in England, a land of former LGBTQIA+ rights protection pretense that is unrecognisable in the Police State it veers towards today

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We support NeuroSpicy and Queer NGOs, Causes and Organisations that fight for the rights and wellbeing of Trans Youth and half of ToD's proceeds will always be pledged to these organisations.

We are #Allies4Different #Queer and #NeuroSpicy parents and grandparents of new and better generations who need us to step up.

We tell and hear the raw stories of lived experiences and we ask the hard questions that the "professional/polite society/world" is too shy and afraid to ask so we start understanding each other.

Fashion, Apparel, Experiences and Art

Our founders are NeuroSpicy Queer parents of Trans youth and have been through unimaginable hardship from loss and pain to Police brutality and wrongful enprisonment.

Between the "Female Violence Line", our famous Sequin Hats of Joy, our line of Handpainted Shoes and our fashion accessories, one could say we make handcrafted objects of art that are wearable, upcycled and colourful and that by doing so, we are colouring the world emotional and diverse be it with glitter, nail polish, vegan dye, watercolours or the occasional real podcast talk about being diverse families.

Don't forget!!! 50% of all our proceeds go to Trans-friendly charities - buy some of our art that is Handpainted By Queer & NeuroSpicy Humans to join us in spreading love, acceptance, and empowerment through fashion, art and real talk about emotions and todays' world.

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